Allen Gregory – (Thank God this blasphemy was cancelled)

Allen Gregory, a battle the church cannot afford to lose!

The secularization of our society has reached a new low! On October 30, 2011, Fox will introduce its latest primetime cartoon, Allen Gregory. There is nothing new about an obnoxious, disrespectful child on the tube, but this one is being raised by two men! Hollywood is constantly pushing anti-Christian shows in the face of God and man. The trend has become so common that the church tends to ignore it, but our apathy must cease!

The homosexual community and its supporters cannot change “hard core” old school Christians, so they will go after our children. Our apathy has allowed them to circumvent the church and forage strong allies in the educational, political and entertainment fields. The permissive anything goes attitude is the norm.

The entertainment industries encourages and salutes the homosexual lifestyle. Movies and television shows have progressively included “gay” characters. If and I do mean if, a Christian character is in the lineup, he is usually the psychopath, money grubber, womanizer or wing nut!

With the Allen Gregory show, a full frontal assault has begun on our children. Informed Christians may keep their children away from this form of indoctrination, but what about the uninformed? What about those lost to this world? Isn’t the church sworn to be light and salt? What are we to do, ignore it?

For far too long, many of us have left our shields in the shed and our swords in the sheath. We need to arm and re-engage the enemies of Christ. He didn’t save us to sit on our heavenly bound seats. He saved us to make disciples of men and to teach them everything he commanded us to teach. Did He not say, “If you love me, keep my commandments?” How can we keep them if we remain silent? How can we look at our children and not consider what will become of their grandchildren if we do not act? Remember what Joshua said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.

We cannot serve him unless we engage the battle. Let Fox know that this evil will not be tolerated. Let your friends and neighbors know. Tell the church! Tell your friends to tell their churches. Are we covered by the blood? Are we more than conquerors? What say you Christian soldier? Will you fight or will you die? Gather your shield and sword. I’ll see you on the battle field.

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