The Lady of Encouragement


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Sometimes I feel unsure of myself. I have doubts, frustrations and insecurities. I wonder about finances, my children, world events and the unknown. When these doubts arise, I lean on the Lord. Although I lean on Him all the time, these are the times when I hold Him as close as possible. Yet the flesh still fights me and I have to ignore it as I walk by faith.

Sometimes God gives us another perspective. He helps us to realize that what we think is difficult is nothing at all. About a week ago, my wife and I went to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries. We discussed our bills and the normal problems of the day, as we walked through the store. Then I noticed a lady in a wheel chair. There is nothing unusual about a lady in a wheel chair, except this lady didn’t have any legs.


Now a legless lady in a wheel chair is not unusual either. Looking at this lady from her right side, I noticed that her right arm did not have a hand. Now that was unusual. This lady had no legs and no right hand, only a stub at the wrist. I immediately realized that my small problems were insignificant compared to hers. She had no legs, but I had two and was walking. She had no right hand, and I had two which are fully functional.

My wife and I continued our shopping and were just about to get in line when I saw the lady again from the left side. Then I noticed that at the end of her left arm was another stub. She had no hands at all!

I did not know how to feel. Here I was moaning about stupid stuff which in the long run mattered little, and I was watching a lady with no legs, and no hands shopping like folks with all of their extremities. I did not feel pity for her. I found myself admiring her courage and dignity. I wondered if I would have the courage she displayed under those circumstances. That is a question I cannot answer. What I can answer is that I was ashamed to sink into self doubt and insecurity. God showed me a woman who could have recoiled in the corner of her world, but “walked” in utmost dignity! I prayed for her and myself. I asked God to bless that lady. I also asked Him to never allow me to forget her. If I ever find myself feeling doubtful, insecure or frustrated, I asked God to bring her back to my memory. For by overcoming her circumstances, she demonstrated to me that with God, I have nothing to overcome.




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