Which Language Will She Use? Is it’s a baby or a blob?

All of God’s creatures have a language in which they communicate with their kind. Man alone was granted the ability to write and record his language. Regardless of race or nationality, without language we lose the ability to formally communicate. In order to communicate we must have a consistent mutual understanding of the meaning of words. The meaning of some words have changed because of the misappropriation of the words usage. New words were also created to hide the harsh reality of the original words meanings. Other words have been hijacked altogether.

Those in favor of abortion love to use words like, fetus, pro-choice and the combination of words like “women’s health care” instead of words like; baby, death and the “legalized killing of an unborn child” to make their points. Their softer, kinder words are a deliberate misapplication of usage in an attempt to avoid what the words really mean. It is slightly easier to say that no one should be expected to carry an unwanted fetus than to say no one should be expected to carry an unwanted baby.

Many abortion providers (licensed, legalized pre-born baby killers) will even go so far as to claim that the unborn child is a blob of tissue. If a person believes that what is inside them isn’t human, it is easier to have “it” removed. After all no one feels the slightest bit of remorse in removing an in-grown toenail or a wart. Those bad areas of flesh need to be removed. Bad flesh has the potential of making the remaining flesh unhealthy. So if a fetus or a blob isn’t a baby, why not remove it?

Our media encourages our acceptance of misapplied language. They are quick to show the positive efforts of abortion rights advocates, but seldom give equal consideration to pro-life petitioners. They pretend to be unbiased, even when they know that a pregnant woman has the body of another person within her. The media refuses to report the terminal reality of abortion, but will spend a great deal of time discussing the killers of abortionist.

They group together with likeminded politicians, educators, so-called religious leaders to conduct a symphony of lies. Each preaching the same lie to each other until all are thoroughly convinced that women have the sole right to choose which word best applies to them; life or death.

The misapplication of language has elevated women to godhood. A woman can choose whether it is a blob of flesh or a baby. Women can bless the unborn child with life, or remove the inconvenient parasite. Is it something which must be cut, sucked, or burned out, or is it is something which must be protect, cherish and nourished? It depends on which language she choose.


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