The Press and Keystone Oil

I remember when gas approached $3.00 a gallon during the Bush administration, all hell broke loose before it went back down. All over the news was reports about people deciding whether to buy gas or food. All we heard was how Bush drove up the price so that big oil companies could get richer off the little people. Many of my friends were screaming about the prices. I recently filled up at $4.29 a gallon. Gas in California has been over $4.00 a gallon for a while and I tend to think it is creeping up to $5.00 a gallon, but I haven’t heard a peep from the news or the same people that were screaming before!

The president promised the American people that he would revisit the Keystone pipeline deal after the 2012 election. At that time I couldn’t understand the delay because the project was cleared by all government agencies. It would have immediately created jobs for Americans and we would have less expensive gas. But he promised an answer after the election. Now he is delaying again, for what? It certainly isn’t helping the people with $4.00 plus gas. It isn’t helping the economy. If the answer is no why not say it?

The states of Texas and North Dakota are booming with good paying jobs because they are drilling for gas and oil. I just don’t understand why both the Democrats and Republicans are more interested in solving the illegal alien problem than the problems of normal hard working Americans or for that matter Americans seeking work. All I hear is the necessity to legalize 11 – 20 million people that do not belong here. Why so they can complete with the millions of out of work American? What sense does that make?

How about doing something for the folks that belong here? If we drill and build pipelines, we can create immediate jobs and get energy from ourselves instead of from the Arabs that hate us. This is not a political rant, it is common sense begging to be heard. Too bad the American press has turned into the American Presstitute! If the (press) was really about the business of looking out for the American people instead of prostituting themselves, maybe we could get politicians to do what they elected to do instead of continuously feeding us the crap that satisfies them and keeps us hungry.

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