Some Things to Think About!

SET thinkingWe love some liars so much, that we lie to ourselves in an effort to believe their lies!

The only people not in need of prayers are those below ground.

Time with God is no time at all unless time with God is all the time

Christians were never asked to have blind faith. It is not God’s fault that the biblically illiterate can’t see.

Telling homosexuals that their lifestyle is evil is not hateful. NOT telling them is hateful!

I cannot recall God ever asking man for his opinion; however, some men are constantly trying to show God a better way.

I would enjoy the company of a dedicated pagan more than the company of a lukewarm Christian.

Would you be ashamed to tell someone who broke into your house to go home? If the answer is no, why should you be ashamed to tell someone who broke into your country to go home?

Some people think that we who call sinners to repent, believe ourselves to be sinless; on the contrary, we just want more company.

All Christians are called to stand and fight for the faith; however, we begin the battle on our knees!

Christianity’s claim to be the only way to God is unrealistic and presumptuous, unless it is true!

Christians must proclaim the full uncompromising word of God. Which means that we must present Scriptures which caress and Scriptures which correct.

Samuel E. Tolley III

One thought on “Some Things to Think About!”

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