City of Angeles, City of Homeless!

I recently spent a day in Los Angeles. Each time I travel down the 110 freeway, I admire the expanding skyline of new skyscrapers growing alongside the freeway. As the business section grows, so grow the number of employees and customers traveling to the City of Angels every day.

Yet a few blocks from the multitude of multi-million dollar office buildings, is another growing segment of society. These Angelenos are not lawyers, accountants or other assorted business people. They are occupants of pup tents, converted shopping carts and tarp covered lean-tos. This growing mass of humanity, eat, sleep, and defecate on the streets of Los Angeles. I thought I was in the City of Angels, but I realize that I actually took One Step Beyond into the Twilight Zone! LA homeless 1

Sidewalks turned into residential space for the homeless. The fortunate sidewalk citizens had dogs. I use to wonder why a person unable to care for themselves would keep a dog. Now I know why.You can’t lock a lean-to or a tent. The dog is not just a companion, it is the first line of defense.  

homeless with dogs

As for facilities, there were none. The homeless relieved themselves wherever they could. Some people were clearly out of their minds. I observed one man talking to a telephone pole and another man standing in the middle of the street making abnormal facial expressions. Has it become the policy of the United States of America to place the insane on the streets to fend for themselves? I could only imaging how fearful it must be for those in their right minds after dark. LA homeless at night

The sight of hopeless, hapless, maligned humanity made me think about two questions I would like to ask our political leaders. First, how can allowing 11 to 20 million illegal aliens stay in the United States, help millions of unemployed Americans find work? Second, why should we care more about the plight of illegal aliens than the homeless Americans living on the street?

illegals train

America needs to take care of her own people before we consider taking care of members of another nation. The illegal aliens are the problem of their country. The homeless and jobless Americans are our problems.

“But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” 1Timothy 5:8

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