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The Cowardice of Colin Kaepernick


Mr. Kaepernick is a coward, but not for sitting down during the national anthem.  Not because he disrespected millions of black veterans like Revolutionary War hero Crispus Attucks, whose soil-mixed blood undergirded America’s foundation.

California’s Culture of Death!

Hillary Clinton Told The Truth

Can a Christian be Pro-Choice?

I had a conversation with an old school mate of mine a few years ago. She is the wife of a pastor. She told me that she was pro-choice but also a Christian. I couldn’t understand how she claimed to be both.

I can only assume that she either didn’t know what an abortion was or she didn’t know the Bible.  In any case,  I hope she had a change of heart. If not, I would ask her to reconcile Psalms 139:13 with this video

Psalm 139:13 “For it was You who created my inward parts; You knit me together in my mother’s womb”


Hillary for President?

Christian Supporters of Wrong!

Christian supporters of wrong

Christian Reprobate?

Christian Reprobate

Free speech outlawed in california crisis pregnancy centers

California is a world class leader in death and debauchery. Right on the heels of signing a doctor assisted suicide bill into law, Gov. Brown signed a bill forcing crisis pregnancy centers to give up their free speech. AB 775 forces Christians who fight for the rights of the unborn, to provide abortion information against their will! In addition to this being evil, it is a clear violation of the First Amendment.  God will not be mocked by Gov. Brown or those legislators that voted for this newest abomination.

Unless Christians wake up and take control of my home state, it will no longer be known as the Golden State. It will be known as the Godless state!

The Foot

baby foot


Mommy I heard people say that I’m nothing but a pile of goo.

Does goo have a foot pressing against you?

Daddy you can’t hear me speak. Continue reading The Foot

Since All Black Lives Matter, Stop Black Genocide!

Did you know that over 50% of black pregnancies end in abortion? Did you know that most abortion facilities are located in minority neighborhoods? Did you know that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, considered blacks to be nothing more than human weeds and purposely advocated black genocide?

How can a race of people survive if they do not repopulate themselves? Beware! Anyone that expresses anger against real or perceived police brutality against blacks, but support the abortions of blacks, is more dangerous than every corrupt police officer in America. Those smiling faces are not friends but enemies of Christ.

Would black Americans accept over 1,500 police shootings of unarmed black men a day? The answer is no! Therefore, why do they accept the killing of over 1,500 black babies a day? Why would any black person support any politician that supports abortion against anyone, especially people that look like themselves?