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We Survived A Lot


Some Things to Think About!

SET thinkingWe love some liars so much, that we lie to ourselves in an effort to believe their lies!

The only people not in need of prayers are those below ground.

Time with God is no time at all unless time with God is all the time

Christians were never asked to have blind faith. It is not God’s fault that the biblically illiterate can’t see. Continue reading Some Things to Think About!

The Press and Keystone Oil

I remember when gas approached $3.00 a gallon during the Bush administration, all hell broke loose before it went back down. All over the news was reports about people deciding whether to buy gas or food. All we heard was how Bush drove up the price so that big oil companies could get richer off the little people. Many of my friends were screaming about the prices. I recently filled up at $4.29 a gallon. Gas in California has been over $4.00 a gallon for a while and I tend to think it is creeping up to $5.00 a gallon, but I haven’t heard a peep from the news or the same people that were screaming before! Continue reading The Press and Keystone Oil

The Most Disciplined People I Know

I have always looked at the military as the prime example of discipline. It doesn’t matter which branch of service, the United States armed services build strong disciplined warriors. However, as I look back through the years, I no longer hold the military at the highest level of discipline. Please do not misunderstand me, the military is just as disciplined as ever, but they are not my number one pick. Liberal Christians are the most disciplined people I know. When I see how absolutely nothing moves them off of their ideology including obvious assaults against Christianity, I am amazed. Why?

  1. I have always been astonished that many of them support the killing of babies in the womb and believe that evil is acceptable to God. We are not talking gods like Baal or Moloch, which may require the sacrifice of the faithful’s first born child, we are talking about the God of the Bible. The same God who formed babies in the womb per Psalms 139:13. Many liberal Christians claim to be against abortion, but they give their votes and financial support to people who defend abortion. How can you be against something and support it at the same time?
  2. Many liberal Christians really believe that God will honor two people of the same sex engaging in a perversion of marriage! This is baffling too! God stated that man and woman are to be one in Genesis 2:24. He clearly condemned homosexuality numerous times throughout the Bible, and Paul made it unquestionably clear in Romans chapter 1. Nevertheless, some liberal Christians make excuses for this so-called same sex marriage. Some of my liberal friends claim to be against same sex marriage, but they still support people that protects this abomination. Nothing shake them.
  3. Recently in California, our state government passed a law (only the liberals voted for this law) which allows any child from kindergarten thru high school to pick his or her gender anytime they want. If a boy feels like a girl today, he can use the girl’s facilities, including the gym and showers. The girls can do the same. They can go to either restroom too! This stupid ungodly law is clearly the work of Satan. I have yet to hear ONE of my liberal Christian friends, teachers or parents complain about this new law. They must know about it, but once again, no complaints.
  4. As bad as those examples are, this tops the list! When the democratic convention officially left God out of the party platform prior to the 2012 elections, some people were upset. That was a good thing causing the leadership to vote God back into the platform. The vote to restore God was held three times and three times God lost! After the third attempt, the Democratic Party chairperson, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa lied to let God back in the party platform! They brought back the God who cannot lie (Numbers 23:19) with a LIE! This must have given Satan one of the biggest laughs of his existence. But it didn’t move the most disciplined people I know. They never said a word.

But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. Matthew 10:33 KJV

The Lady of Encouragement


[one_half first]A long road home sm

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Sometimes I feel unsure of myself. I have doubts, frustrations and insecurities. I wonder about finances, my children, world events and the unknown. When these doubts arise, I lean on the Lord. Although I lean on Him all the time, these are the times when I hold Him as close as possible. Yet the flesh still fights me and I have to ignore it as I walk by faith.

Sometimes God gives us another perspective. He helps us to realize that what we think is difficult is nothing at all. About a week ago, my wife and I went to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries. We discussed our bills and the normal problems of the day, as we walked through the store. Then I noticed a lady in a wheel chair. There is nothing unusual about a lady in a wheel chair, except this lady didn’t have any legs.


Now a legless lady in a wheel chair is not unusual either. Looking at this lady from her right side, I noticed that her right arm did not have a hand. Now that was unusual. This lady had no legs and no right hand, only a stub at the wrist. I immediately realized that my small problems were insignificant compared to hers. She had no legs, but I had two and was walking. She had no right hand, and I had two which are fully functional.

My wife and I continued our shopping and were just about to get in line when I saw the lady again from the left side. Then I noticed that at the end of her left arm was another stub. She had no hands at all!

I did not know how to feel. Here I was moaning about stupid stuff which in the long run mattered little, and I was watching a lady with no legs, and no hands shopping like folks with all of their extremities. I did not feel pity for her. I found myself admiring her courage and dignity. I wondered if I would have the courage she displayed under those circumstances. That is a question I cannot answer. What I can answer is that I was ashamed to sink into self doubt and insecurity. God showed me a woman who could have recoiled in the corner of her world, but “walked” in utmost dignity! I prayed for her and myself. I asked God to bless that lady. I also asked Him to never allow me to forget her. If I ever find myself feeling doubtful, insecure or frustrated, I asked God to bring her back to my memory. For by overcoming her circumstances, she demonstrated to me that with God, I have nothing to overcome.




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