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This Black Christian Conservative ask Democratic Liberals to just hear what’s in my heart and mind!

The Cowardice of Colin Kaepernick


Mr. Kaepernick is a coward, but not for sitting down during the national anthem.  Not because he disrespected millions of black veterans like Revolutionary War hero Crispus Attucks, whose soil-mixed blood undergirded America’s foundation.

Democratic Illogical Lunacy: The Poor

City of Angeles, City of Homeless!

I recently spent a day in Los Angeles. Each time I travel down the 110 freeway, I admire the expanding skyline of new skyscrapers growing alongside the freeway. As the business section grows, so grow the number of employees and customers traveling to the City of Angels every day. Continue reading City of Angeles, City of Homeless!

Some Things to Think About!

SET thinkingWe love some liars so much, that we lie to ourselves in an effort to believe their lies!

The only people not in need of prayers are those below ground.

Time with God is no time at all unless time with God is all the time

Christians were never asked to have blind faith. It is not God’s fault that the biblically illiterate can’t see. Continue reading Some Things to Think About!

The Press and Keystone Oil

I remember when gas approached $3.00 a gallon during the Bush administration, all hell broke loose before it went back down. All over the news was reports about people deciding whether to buy gas or food. All we heard was how Bush drove up the price so that big oil companies could get richer off the little people. Many of my friends were screaming about the prices. I recently filled up at $4.29 a gallon. Gas in California has been over $4.00 a gallon for a while and I tend to think it is creeping up to $5.00 a gallon, but I haven’t heard a peep from the news or the same people that were screaming before! Continue reading The Press and Keystone Oil

Math, Money, Millions!

I hated math in school. By the time we started learning decimals, fractions and negative numbers, it was downhill for me. I envied those who were able to calculate equations without difficultly. I would write out problems and didn’t know how to check to see if the answers were correct. I miss the days of doing math by hand as much as I miss the days of writing in long hand. I haven’t done either since high school.


Nevertheless, with my limited knowledge of math, I figured out a few things. I cannot put more into less! If I have a 1 quart container, I cannot pour 2 quarts of liquid into it, because the container will overflow. If I rent a one bedroom apartment for myself, I can be reasonably comfortable; however, it would be very uncomfortable if I rented it for a family of four.


Our politicians have been pounding us to accept the influx of what they claim 11 million illegal aliens. They claim that we must bring these people out of the shadows. If these people are in the shadows, how did the government calculation of 11 million? Are they just guessing? Couldn’t there be more or less? There could be 5, 10, or 20 million illegal aliens; however, the politicians claim that legalizing them will be good for America. Really?


What the politicians are not talking about is the  is the 7.6% overall unemployment rate and young adult blacks staggering 28% unemployment rate!


Overall, we have 10 million young Americans un or underemployed of which 2.5 million are kids.   Now it seems to me, that we do not have a container large enough to hold the unemployed U.S. citizens we are responsible for, let alone another  “11 million” none citizens!


I do not think that I am the only one who wasn’t a good math student. It seems to me that our politicians were not paying enough attention in math class either. Maybe it is time for us to calculate how to get rid of them, at least that would free up a little space and a few jobs for some people who can count.

$50.00 Can’t Fill My Tank!



A few days ago I went to a gas station and put $50.00 in my tank. It was $50.00 of the cheapest unleaded I could find and my tank still wasn’t full! I looked around at the other people buying gas and thought that I was in a scene from the Walking Dead! 





No one was complaining or saying anything. They just had this dazed look about themselves. But a few years ago, people were screaming when gas rose above $3.00 a gallon. What happened? I wondered if I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone.


Just about five years ago, any spike in gas prices was all over the news. There were stories about people trying to figure out how they were going to buy enough gas to go to work. Reporters stationed themselves at gas stations and found people that had to decide if they would buy gas or food.   Gas High Pix

Thought Process:

Gas or Food? 4005273-red-gas-pumpcartoon-food-picture

Where are those stories?

Where is the outcry?

Where are the pressitutes?


Even my friends appear obvious to these astronomical prices. They were enraged at $3.00 plus gas prices, but I hear nary a peep from them regarding these $4.00 plus prices. What happened? Did the government pass out free gas cards and I didn’t get one? Am I alone? Am I the only one suffering? Or am I really in the Twilight Zone?







I remember the 70’s when I had to get in a gas line at 3:00 A.M.  Everyone was complaining. Today there is no line and there is
plenty of gas, but the prices are so high that many of us can’t afford to pump it. Since it appears that no one is complaining and the media isn’t concerned, maybe this is just a bad dream and I will wake up. Or maybe if I walk around the back of the station away from the gas tanks, I will spot Rod Serling puffing on a cigarette. I just don’t know? Rod Serling