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The Foot

baby foot


Mommy I heard people say that I’m nothing but a pile of goo.

Does goo have a foot pressing against you?

Daddy you can’t hear me speak. Continue reading The Foot

Same Sex Marriage & the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution

At first glance my tying the same sex marriage ruling to the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, appears to be without merit. But is it? The right to bear arms is clearly stated in the Constitution; whereas, the definition of marriage is unsaid. One firmly implants the stated intentions of the Founding Fathers to forever grant citizens the right to bear arms; whereas, the other denies the universally held position that marriage is solely the union between one man and one woman. Continue reading Same Sex Marriage & the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution

Syncretistic Satanism and the Red Letter Rebuttal Pt. 1



America has a new unofficial “official” religion. Only the shadow of Christianity remains acceptable.  This new religion doesn’t flow from living water, but gushes from rusted pipes. Adherents are called to embrace ambiguity, due to its constantly evolving foundation. What was wrong is no longer knowable. What was true is no longer tolerable. The only permanence is today; nevertheless, Syncretistic Satanism is being systematically forced on the populous whether we want it or not. Continue reading Syncretistic Satanism and the Red Letter Rebuttal Pt. 1

Rev. Wright Wrongly preparing Sunday’s Sermon


We Survived A Lot


Meeting Alexander Scott

In 1984 the world met Dr. Cliff Huxtable and the other members of the Huxtable family. They presented the black family in a format never before seen on television. The Huxtables transcended race, because all Americans related to them. Yet there was no denying that Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashad and the other cast member gave black America something very precious to claim. The Huxtables represented a strong black family clothed in dignity, respectability and high achievements. That show exploded barriers for many, but for me, the real breakthrough was 19 years earlier. Continue reading Meeting Alexander Scott

We must listen to the warnings of godly men!

When are leaders lead us away from the Cross of Christ down the path of destruction, we have only ourselves to blame. God has warned us time and time again. He sent the prophets, the apostles and his Son. He still sends servants to warn us. Do not mistake manly wisdom for godly devotion. We must not not submit to any authority above our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Would You Die for Christ?

I asked a Christian if he would die for Christ. He said yes. I asked if he serves Christ. He said he does. I asked him why doesn’t he stand up for the unborn and the sanctity of marriage? Why does he support politicians that refuse to protect marriage but protects abortionist? He never answered me. I asked him again, are you willing to die for Christ? Samuel E. Tolley III

Jesus Emergency Kit

Enemy of Christ Revelation 21:8 

Sample Chapter


Samuel E. Tolley III

Enemy of Christ Rev 21:8

Woe until them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. Isaiah 5:20

Christianity is not a spectator sport. It is not a game show. It is not a place where you find god the genie. It is having an uncompromising relationship with the one true living God. It is total allegiance to Jesus Christ. It is allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and direct every aspect of your life. It is surrendering your will to the will of God! Continue reading Jesus Emergency Kit