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Rev. Wright Wrongly preparing Sunday’s Sermon

We Survived A Lot


Meeting Alexander Scott

In 1984 the world met Dr. Cliff Huxtable and the other members of the Huxtable family. They presented the black family in a format never before seen on television. The Huxtables transcended race, because all Americans related to them. Yet there was no denying that Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashad and the other cast member gave black America something very precious to claim. The Huxtables represented a strong black family clothed in dignity, respectability and high achievements. That show exploded barriers for many, but for me, the real breakthrough was 19 years earlier. Continue reading Meeting Alexander Scott

We Must Forgive!

We must forgive others deep within the bowels of our being, or we haven’t forgiven them at all.

On another site I was asked to explain exactly what did I mean by the above stated quote. Since Tweeter doesn’t allow enough space to fully express myself. I will answer that here. Continue reading We Must Forgive!

Which Language Will She Use? Is it’s a baby or a blob?

All of God’s creatures have a language in which they communicate with their kind. Man alone was granted the ability to write and record his language. Regardless of race or nationality, without language we lose the ability to formally communicate. In order to communicate we must have a consistent mutual understanding of the meaning of words. The meaning of some words have changed because of the misappropriation of the words usage. New words were also created to hide the harsh reality of the original words meanings. Other words have been hijacked altogether. Continue reading Which Language Will She Use? Is it’s a baby or a blob?

Math, Money, Millions!

I hated math in school. By the time we started learning decimals, fractions and negative numbers, it was downhill for me. I envied those who were able to calculate equations without difficultly. I would write out problems and didn’t know how to check to see if the answers were correct. I miss the days of doing math by hand as much as I miss the days of writing in long hand. I haven’t done either since high school.


Nevertheless, with my limited knowledge of math, I figured out a few things. I cannot put more into less! If I have a 1 quart container, I cannot pour 2 quarts of liquid into it, because the container will overflow. If I rent a one bedroom apartment for myself, I can be reasonably comfortable; however, it would be very uncomfortable if I rented it for a family of four.


Our politicians have been pounding us to accept the influx of what they claim 11 million illegal aliens. They claim that we must bring these people out of the shadows. If these people are in the shadows, how did the government calculation of 11 million? Are they just guessing? Couldn’t there be more or less? There could be 5, 10, or 20 million illegal aliens; however, the politicians claim that legalizing them will be good for America. Really?


What the politicians are not talking about is the  is the 7.6% overall unemployment rate and young adult blacks staggering 28% unemployment rate!


Overall, we have 10 million young Americans un or underemployed of which 2.5 million are kids.   Now it seems to me, that we do not have a container large enough to hold the unemployed U.S. citizens we are responsible for, let alone another  “11 million” none citizens!


I do not think that I am the only one who wasn’t a good math student. It seems to me that our politicians were not paying enough attention in math class either. Maybe it is time for us to calculate how to get rid of them, at least that would free up a little space and a few jobs for some people who can count.

There Was a Time When School was School

In 1963 because of a case brought on by atheist Madelyn Murray O’Hare, the Supreme Court removed the Bible from public schools. How have we progressed since then?

There was a time when insulting a teacher would get you a swat from the vice-principal. Today corporal punishment is forbidden and children are encouraged to turn their parents into the authorities if they decide to physically discipline them.

There was a time when children went to the school nurse because they felt bad. The nurse would take their temperature, comfort them, and notify their parents. Today in California, school nurses can take girls to get abortions without parental consent!

There was a time when kids could bring cough drops to school, but not candy. Today they can’t bring cough drops. Cough drops are drugs in today’s world.

There was a time when kids played cops and robbers at school. Today, five year olds are being suspended for pointing their index fingers at each other.

There was a time when children were expected to go to class, sit down, shut up, and pay attention. Today, a child can be disrespectful, swear at a teacher, and still stay in school.

There was a time when teachers really wanted to teach, and had the authority to correct bad behavior. Today, many teachers have no authority other than collecting a head count for income purposes.

There was a time when students were required to learn U.S. History, Civics, and the fundamental skills required to become a contributing member of society. Today, many students are pushed through to the next grade level, whether they learn the fundamentals or not.

There was a time when sex-education only provided students with an analysis of the reproductive system. Today, many schools want to teach various forms of sex education to preteens. At Linden Avenue Middle School in Red Hook, N.Y. young girls were encouraged to learn the art of lesbian kissing. Some schools even think it is proper to instruct students how to apply a condom to a cucumber.

In California our legislature is currently debating a bill which will allow children to pick their gender regardless of their physiology. If a boy thinks himself to be a girl, he will be able to use the girl’s restroom and participate in activities designed for girls. Of course the girls will be able to use the boy’s restroom and engage in male activities as well.

There was a time when schools had Christmas programs, Christmas decorations, Christmas vacations and students were allowed to say Merry Christmas. Today, schools have winter breaks, holiday trees, and everyone is encouraged to say Happy Holidays. Students are warned never to mention Jesus Christ, or anything pertaining to Christianity. Valedictorians are constantly reminded not to include any religious language in their speeches.

What grade should we give our 50 year atheistic experiment? I would give it an “F”, but some schools even want to do away with letter grades because they can be damaging to the student’s self esteem. Our schools need a remedial course in morality and common sense.  Maybe it is time to ask God to come back to school.