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Moonlight vs Hidden Figures or how Hollywood hates the black man

This Black Christian Conservative ask Democratic Liberals to just hear what’s in my heart and mind!

Christian truth is always loving!

Court ruling against discrimination discriminates against African-Americans

Voter Identification

The striking down of North Carolina’s 2013 voting law by the U.S. Court of Appeals’ 4th Circuit, and the Supreme Court’s refusal to reinstate the law, was very disappointing.  The court found the law to be discriminating against black Americans.  In my opinion, the court’s ruling, at the urging of the Democratic Party, was discriminatory and demeaning!

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Hillary for President?

We Survived A Lot


What’s Up My Nigga?

I am not your nigger. What ever gave you that idea? Is it that you were never taught? Don’t you know what it cost to kill that name? My brother, why resurrect the pain? Are you an emissary of the Klan? Some fool raping the land or just another dumb stupid uneducated black man?

That name was buried in blood. Not the blood of our Lord which was shed for the sins of all. Even His blood didn’t stop the unrelenting call of Nigger. But His blood gave us the strength to shed our own. And we did! We shed it gladly because we knew that dead we would be free, but alive niggers we refused to be.

Yet you continue to resurrect that insidious name! A name that reeks of degradation, self loathing and pain. Why do it? Have you no shame? How can you walk on the graves of those who sacrificed all they had to eliminate that accursed name? Would you walk up to Martin and say, “What’s up my nigga?” Would you tell Medgar the same? While you’re at it, reach deep down into that Mississippi pit and tell the blood of Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney that they should have never came. Go tell Emmett Till too! Boy, you should have stayed up there in that Chicago school.

Don’t forget to pay homage to the countless trees from Georgia to Tennessee. Trees that held the disemboweled bodies of black men like me. Yes pay your respect to places like Stone Mountain and Pulaski where burning crosses darkened the sky, so evil men could lay plans for who must die.

Harriet Tubman didn’t accept that name. Frederick Douglass felt the same. Both fought and were ready to die, so that the word nigger wouldn’t survive. Yet you’d spit on the grave of Richard Allen and tell the 54th Mass to get out of your way. You’d call Sojourner a liar and Booker T a fool, because you can’t see that they saw you another way.

Then you confuse some white folks by the way you act. The racist cheer and shout for joy, because you proved them right when you fell for their ploy. To them a nigger is no better than a mangy dog. They point to your lack of self respect as proof to all. By calling your brother nigger, you have validated their sin and justified their reasoning that we are really nothing more than an error of creation in dark skin. So they take heart knowing their work is almost done. After years of lynchings, now they watch us kill each other for fun.

Yet there were others willing to sacrifice all. To prove that a black man wasn’t a dog. From Coffin to Garrison they stood in the gap and like our forerunners they too had to endure many a racist trap. They were called carpetbaggers, scalawags and nigger lovers too. And for many the cost of blood was due. John Brown took up arms trying to set our people free, and for his efforts he was hung from yet another tree. Many others joined the cause to remove that awful name. Their efforts too required much heartache and pain.

What do their descendants think when they hear you voice a name so cruel? In vain do they dread that their ancestor’s efforts failed and that black men are only worthy of hell. No they still hope and pray like me that one day we will all walk in dignity. Once you understand what hatred really means, you’ll learn that only love can set a man free. And in that day when you can finally see, out of your mouth the word nigger will cease to be.

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Congresswoman, the truth will set you free, but a lie will keep you captive.

On December 8, 2011 on the floor of Congress, Congresswoman Barbara Lee claimed that the Republican Party is engaged in a coordinated effort to disenfranchise the voting rights of minorities, the elderly and the poor. She claimed that the efforts of forty-two states requiring voters to produce government approved identification at polling places, will result in voter suppression and the reinstitution of Jim Crow laws. She stated that 21 million Americans do not have adequate identification and implied that her 100 year old aunt would not be able to provide a birth certificate or the necessary documentation needed to obtain government approved identification. Finally, she stated without sources a cost of $26.00 to obtain the necessary documentation, which she calls a poll tax.

I think Rep. Lee is really saying that minorities, the elderly and the poor are just too stupid? My question to her is does she think we are too stupid to get the identification or too stupid to know when we are being conned? If I had the opportunity, I would ask Rep. Lee the following questions:

Which state requires proper identification from minorities, the elderly and the poor, but doesn’t require it from white people? If you know of such a state, they would be in violation of the 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th and 26th amendments to the Constitution. They would also be in violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Where is the evidence? Where is the violation? If there is a violation, notify the Justice Dept. If there is no violation, what are you talking about?

Concerning your 100 year old aunt, she turned 21 in 1932. Therefore, she has been eligible to vote for 79 years. Has she ever driven car? Does she have a bank account? Did she ever purchase alcohol or maybe cigarettes? She qualified for Social Security over 30 years ago. Does she get a Social Security check? The identification required to engage in those practices is the same identification required to vote. How was she able to survive all of these years without proper identification?

Rep. Lee, you stated that it may cost $26.00 to obtain the proper identification and that amounts to a poll tax. You also claimed that Republicans were trying to bring back the days of Jim Crow with the voter identification requirement. As you spoke from the well of congress, why didn’t you tell the country that poll taxes and Jim Crow laws originated from the Democratic Party? Why didn’t you tell the country that those tactics along with lynchings were popular democratic tools utilized to keep blacks in line and stop them from voting? Why do Democrats constantly try to change history and paint themselves as the protectors of blacks, when they were the persecutors?

You claim that the efforts to require voter identification in California is an attempt by Republicans to “disenfranchise” voter participation, but you also stated that 40% of eligible voters do not participate in the process. Which is correct? If 40% do not vote, but can, is that the faults of Republicans?

Let’s examine how the lack of proper voter identification can disenfranchise voters. Joe and I decide to vote for a candidate of our choice. Both of us go to our polling place and request a ballot. We are not required to show identification and exercise our right to vote. Having completed my patriotic duty, I go home and await the results. Joe goes to another polling place and votes again. Joe can keep on voting at different locations as long as he knows which name to use, because there are no checks and balances. There is nothing preventing him from voting early and often. THAT IS DISENFRANCHISEMENT.

Rep. Lee, how does allowing anyone to misrepresent themselves protect the vote of minorities, the elderly and the poor? Are we to take your word that only the “legitimate” voters will show up at the poll? Why should we trust you? You spoke of poll taxes and Jim Crow laws and tied them on the backs of Republicans instead of their true authors, the party you represent. Republicans fought and died for the rights of blacks to vote, Democrats fought and died to keep blacks enslaved.

Based on your logic, we should not trust Republicans, but we should trust whoever comes into a voting booth. Why should we trust them and why should we trust you?

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