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GCB Thank You Disney and ABC- (Thank God, this abomination was cancelled)

In the 1996 remake of the Nutty Professor, Buddy Love (Eddie Murphy) took (Carla Purty) Jada Pinkett Smith to a comedy club. In the club Reggie Warrington (Dave Chappelle) made a living insulting the guest. I look forward to the occasional evening on the town, but paying to be insulted isn’t what I call entertainment. Undoubtedly, some people like being insulted or these comedy clubs would go out of business.
I wonder; has the Disney Company become a comedy club? Does ABC have jokes? The new comedy, GCB aka Good Christian Bitches isn’t going to gain acceptance with real Christians. Do they think we are masochists? But then again, maybe they just think that we are all stupid!
The birth date of my youngest daughter is the 27th of December. A few years ago we decided to celebrate her birthday at Disneyland. It was a very cold evening at the Magic Kingdom and the place was packed. The size of the crowd gave me visions of the movie Soylent Green. As we slugged our way through the crowd, I noticed various secular holiday symbols. I looked, but never saw a religious symbol. If a person visiting Disneyland that day never heard of Jesus, he could have easily mistaken Santa Claus as the reason for the season.
Although it would have been respectful to see something about Christ that evening, I came to the park to have a good time. I was not offended as I did not expect any more from Disneyland. However, I was very offended by GCB. It is one thing to be secular, it is quite another to shamefully disrespectful. Everyone knows that neither Disney nor ABC would dare offend Muslims. I guess Christian abuse is acceptable, because we are not known to blow people up or cut their heads off. We do spend money and plenty of it! Seems to me that would be worth considering.
So here is the big question. Why should Christians continue to support Disney when they do not respect us? They make movies about genies, fairies, horses, dogs, frogs, cats and heroes of most creeds and colors, but never ever a Christian. The closest thing to honoring Christ I’ve heard in a Disney movie was Edwin Hawkins Singers version of “Oh Happy Day”. Listening to that song as Secretariat blew out the field in the 1973 Preakness was exciting, but hardly inspirational.
For the real Christian, GCB is just another insult to our faith. Disney and ABC reduced Christians to a bunch of gossips, liars and lust filled hypocrites. Instead of the house of worship, the church was transformed into a place of contempt, vengeance and deceit. The mockery wouldn’t have been complete without the wing nut Christian grandmother, pumping up her granddaughter’s breast!
It is no wonder that the Body of Christ has such a battle; we have to fight the enemies of Christ in both the real and make believe worlds. Thank you Disney and ABC for showing real Christians just what you think of us! I just hope that all real Christians show you how much we appreciate and enjoy being insulted by your comedy club.


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