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Saggy Pants Maybe Good For The Economy

1. Sagging requires a constant supply of different underwear. Saggers can’t be seen in the same shorts every day.

2. Sagging encourages exercise. Since half naked butt showing rappers are buffed, flabby butt imitators wouldn’t look good.

3. Sagging requires a constant supply of clean underwear. No one wants to be seen in dirty drawers. Besides, we’ve always been warned to wear clean underwear just in case we in up in the emergency room.

4. Sagging should stimulate the fastener industry. Belts alone cannot make those pants defy gravity! The wearers must supplement belts with safety pins, Velcro or some other fastener.

5. Sagging reduces crime. The skill required to steal, sag and run must be exceptional. It is less likely that criminals are able to run faster and jump higher with pants falling. Holding pants with one hand, and a weapon in the other, will leave no hands for the booty. A potential theft must choose between protecting his booty or taking the booty!

6. Sagging sells pants! The constant dragging of oversized pants shreds them. If only there was a secondary market for the ladies, but they wear shredded pants legs not pants cuffs.

7. Sagging is culturally relevant? That is what some people claim. Thus far, I haven’t been able to locate that culture. Maybe I could find them on the National Geographic or Discovery Channel? I’ll keep looking.

8 Sagging could revolutionize underwear advertising. No longer will Calvin Klein, Hanes or Fruit of the Loom need to shell out millions to the media for advertisement. All they need to do is pass out thousands of boxer shorts to this sagging nation of walking billboards and watch the cash walk, I mean sag in.


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