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God (cannot) Bless America!



The horrendous assault by Islamic terrorist on September 11, 2001, brought America to her knees in prayer. For a short period of time, she remembered her roots and decided that the public acknowledgement of God was both therapeutic and warranted. What better symbol of America’s repentance than the singing of “God Bless America” during America’s favorite pastime. Throughout the land, both baseball players and fans honored God during the 7th inning stretch.  God heard America and he blessed her once again. Continue reading God (cannot) Bless America!

Should We Dump Christianity?


That’s right! Maybe we should chuck the whole thing, because we couldn’t do any worse! When the church began, Christians were identified by their total allegiance to Christ. They proclaimed Jesus as Lord and refused to bestow that title on anyone else. Continue reading Should We Dump Christianity?