20 Adult Animated Series For Fans Of “Rick And Morty” (And Where To Stream Them)

Rick and Morty are back for their sixth season, and have already come out of the gate by pulling back the curtain on the established universe of our favorite animated

grandpa/grandson team. Williams Street But with each episode dropping weekly, some fans might find themselves missing out on the adult animation action in the downtime between

new chapters of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's twisted series. With this in mind, I've assembled 20 other animated series that should serve as a thematically appropriate

distraction until your next fix of Rick and Morty.1.Harley Quinn Warner Bros. Animation A gleefully chaotic animated spin on the Batman universe as told through the warped

lens of antihero Harley Quinn, this hysterical and screwed-up series works as both a clever send-up and a loving tribute to the Caped Crusader's extensive rogues'

gallery. Where to Watch: HBO Max2.Smiling Friends Goblin Caught on Tape 2022's most buzzworthy adult animated series about friends who work for a company specializing

in cheering up others expertly blends absurdism, parody, and gross-out humor to create a wholly original, laugh-out-loud vision that's definitely NSFW. Where to Watch: HBO

Max3.Saturday Morning All Star Hits! Broadway Video Blending dark comedy animation and nostalgic ‘90s live-action interstitials, this bizarre series sees Saturday Night Live

actor Kyle Mooney delivering his brand of off-beat humor in multiple roles.