A Long-Standing Angelina Jolie Rumor Has Finally Been Confirmed

Angelina Jolie has always been somewhat of a media enigma. The "Maleficent" star is one of the biggest stars in the world and had managed to land herself on pretty much every

magazine cover going in her time, yet doesn't seem to make too much of a habit about speaking to the press about her private life. Of course, one thing that really made her

tabloid fodder is her notorious romance with Brad Pitt, with the two meeting on the set of "Mr. & Mrs Smith" while Pitt was still married to his first wife, Jennifer Aniston.

The global media had a field day when it came to speculating what, if anything, went on between the two on the set, with Jolie claiming nothing really happened until they'd

finished shooting. "It took until, really, the end of the shoot for us, I think, to realize that it might mean something more than we'd earlier allowed ourselves to believe. And

both knowing that the reality of that was a big thing, something that was going to take a lot of serious consideration," she said in Vogue's January 2007 issue. She then went on

to tell The New York Times of her kids seeing "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," "Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love." But how exactly did the

world find out about Pitt and Jolie's romance? Well, those long-standing rumors about what went down may just have been cleared up.