Australia news live: Albanese ‘very comfortable’ for King to speak on climate crisis, which ‘shouldn’t be a partisan political issue’

LIVE – Updated at 01:39 Follow the day’s news.   01:39 Josh Butler Liz Truss could soon visit Australia, Albanese says Prime

minister Anthony Albanese has flagged his British counterpart Liz Truss could soon visit Australia, and remarked that the new King Charles was “less tired” than he expected him to

be. Albanese is in London for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, which will be held tonight (Australia time). Speaking to ABC Melbourne radio this morning, the Australian PM

reflected warmly on his first meeting with Truss over the weekend. He said: It was a good gathering. I visited her in what is the foreign secretary’s residence down

in Kent. And we had a good discussion about the range of issues and about the relationship that we have between Australia and the UK. Of course, we’ve come to an economic

and trade agreement that is due to go through our parliaments, we had a discussion as well about the potential visit by Prime Minister Truss to Australia. Albanese

also met Charles for the first time as King. He said he found the new monarch to be “less tired than is reasonable to have expected frankly, given the extraordinary schedule”.

And what must be, of course, a very emotional time for him as well as physically tiring. But he was very focused. And it was a very positive meeting. And it was a great

honour to have the first face to face meeting with King Charles.