Introducing ‘Women Who Web3’ – CoinDesk’s Newest Podcast

When Kamala Alcantara showed up this summer at Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas, she knew she was in for an amazing experience, but she never imagined that her time at the

festival would lead to her becoming CoinDesk’s newest podcast host. In many ways, Kamala, who prefers to be called Kamz, was like any other attendee at Consensus. She was

there to hear thought leadership in Web3, to connect with others in the space and to help out at her company’s booth on the expo floor. What made her stand out from the rest of

the crowd was the three-month-old baby strapped to her chest all the while. Kamz, fresh off maternity leave, was excited to dive headfirst into all things Web3 at Consensus

and get back to her role as a UX researcher for a well-known blockchain company. Her Consensus schedule was so full that she almost forgot she signed up to audition at the “So You

Think You Can Podcast” talent search. After receiving a reminder message Kamz, with her baby in tow, made her way to the Consensus podcast booth. The CoinDesk team asked if

she could talk about anything in crypto for 15 minutes, to which she replied, “I don’t know, but I can try!” What happened next is the birth of CoinDesk's newest podcast,

“Women Who Web3.”The world needs more women who Web3 Despite Web3’s promise of inclusivity and democratic community building, it is not the most diverse industry. Surveys

often show that half as many women invest in cryptocurrency compared to men and typically one can’t participate in Web3 without using cryptocurrency.