Israeli soldiers wounded in bus shooting in occupied West Bank

At least five Israeli soldiers and a driver have been wounded in a shooting in a bus they were in in the occupied West Bank, military authorities and medics said on

Sunday. The incident, in which Israeli authorities said two suspected gunmen were detained as they tried to escape, took place within driving distance of Jenin and Nablus.

Palestinian cities that have seen months of intensive and deadly Israeli military raids. Witnesses said Palestinians in a car overtook the bus, spraying it with bullets

and, when it came to a halt, tried to torch it. Israeli TV aired footage of a car ablaze after, it said, a fire bomb went off inside. There was no immediate Palestinian

claim of responsibility though. A spokesman for Hamas praised the attack as “proof that all attempts by the Occupation (Israel) to stop the escalating resistance operations

in the West Bank have failed”. The road, where the incident occurred, is dotted with Israeli settlements and Palestinian villages and towns. Israel occupies the West

Bank, including East Jerusalem, and has built more than 200 settlements with more than half a million settlers. Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands are considered illegal

under international law. The settler expansion is also an obstacle to peace with the Palestinians, who seek the territory to be part of their future state. Shooting spree

Matti Carmi, from the Magen David Adom emergency medical services, said “two gunshots victims” were treated outside the bus. The two were conscious and were airlifted to

hospital in the Israeli coastal city of Haifa.