Joe Biden greets mourners as ‘The Beast’ gets stuck in traffic en route to Queen’s funeral

US President Joe Biden’s armoured limousine got stuck in traffic while heading to Westminster Abbey to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral while unexpecting mourners were

greeted to waves from him and First Lady Jill Biden. Video footage on social media shows the US president riding in The Beast, a specifically bespoke state car that has been

constructed according to the Secret Service’s specifications, alongside his wife to attend the funeral proceedings for the Queen which began at 11am local time. In the clips

shared online, crowds of onlookers who had piled into the streets to commemorate the monarch on a day that’s been marked as a nation-wide bank holiday can be seen waving at the

president and his wife outside a Pret-a-Manger as police zip ahead on motorbikes in an attempt to clear the gridlocked traffic for the hulking limousine. Unlike most foreign

leaders, the US president was granted special permission by the British government to utilise his own mode of transportation for the state funeral, which will see the country

interning its longest reigning monarch. State leaders and their partners who were not given the luxury of using their own mode of transportation for the 19 September funeral

were asked to arrive in the UK on commercial flights and have been banned from using helicopters to move around the capital. There was a bus that would be made available

for most dignitaries, that would be departing from a site in west London and arriving at Westminster Abbey en masse, Politico reported. The state funeral will see around 500

dignitaries from around the world descend on London to pay their last respects to the long-reigning monarch.