Wordle: Our Winning 2-Step Strategy

Wordle has gotten all the more satisfying for me since I developed a new, two-step strategy that really seems to work every time. My win streak is at 32 now, and maybe that's

nothing to you, but it's a personal best for me. I thought I'd talk you through my strategy so you can start a winning streak of your own (or keep yours going for days to

come). If you're reading this, Wordle needs no explanation to you. The puzzle was invented by Josh Wardle (Wardle -- Wordle, get it?) and bought for big bucks by The New

York Times back in January. The online game gives you six chances to guess a randomly selected five-letter word, and if you get correct letters, they show up in different colors,

depending on if they're in the right spot in the word or not. It's addictive and fun. I stuck to the same starter words for a long time, and they'd usually work for me. I

was a longtime user of "ADIEU" to get in a ton of vowels, and I would often move on to "STORY," to get the two other vowels (sometimes Y!) and some other major consonants going.

And that strategy is still a solid one. I may go back to it if I feel I'm in a rut.Hop on the 'TRAIN' But these days, I'm starting every Wordle round with "TRAIN," and then

moving on to "CLOSE." TRAIN is pretty self-explanatory if you've studied which letters are most commonly used in English words. All five of the letters in TRAIN are among

the top seven letters used. All I know is that nearly every time I use TRAIN as a starter word, I get a couple correct letters, often in the right spot. And it's an easy to

remember starter word for sure.